Terms and conditions for professional soceities

These are some of the most important sections. We kindly ask you to contact us via info@conex.dk

Contract between the parties
The contracting parties enter into the following agreement on exhibition in connection with a given event.

Task outline for Con.Ex
This section may differ, but Con.Ex shall, as a rule, be of assistance with the exhibition. Con.Ex shall manage the contact to exhibitors and to the event venue in close cooperation with the event organizer. Con.Ex shall handle exhibitor registrations, be the economic liaison, and allocate exhibition stands.

Con.Ex seeks to comply with the laws and regulations in force, including the Danish Ethical Rules for Promotion of Medicinal Products towards Healthcare Professionals and the EFPIA Code on the Promotion of Prescription-Only Medicines to, and Interactions with, Healthcare Professionals. Con.Ex will inform the exhibitors hereof.

After a given event, Con.Ex shall send a statement of the total sponsor support and settle accounts with the event organizer.

Task outline for the event organizer
This section will normally not differ, as it is important for the event organiser to know the tasks and expectations from one event to the next.

The event organizer shall make sure that the exhibition is separated from the professional event. The event organiser shall secure the agreed attendance and present a list of participants. The event organiser shall make time for not less than 2 x 45 minutes of exhibition visiting time, preferably in connection with coffee breaks. The lunch break shall preferably take place in the exhibition area. The event organiser and Con.Ex shall inform the participants of the importance of visiting the exhibition.

After a given event, the event organiser shall be able to provide documentation of the sponsor support being used only for the professional program.

Con.Ex shall normally receive a small percentage of the stand rental revenues. The price per square metre shall be agreed on prior to a given event.

In this way, the services of Con.Ex are free of charge until an actual sponsorship has been achieved.

Contract formation
When the contract is signed, it becomes effective and is concluded upon the event completion and as soon as all economic matters are settled.

Contact info@conex.dk We kindly ask you to contact us via info@conex.dk for a detailed contract proposal.

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