About ConEx

About ConEx

In the summer of 2014, ConEx started working. With the big international event ICPAN, we threw ourselves into it. With a past in the business of the second exhibition administration, the experience was already good and professionalism was high. In the following years, we have done nothing but be personal, sincere and concentrated on conducting the many events. Yes, we already have over 100 events in the ConEx baggage.

ConEx consists of Jan Nordkvist, who is the exhibition manager and owner, Franciska Pedersen who is the Administrative assistant, and Camilla Risager who is the Communications Manager. We are a small but incredibly dedicated team.

ConEx aims to create equal contact between healthcare professionals and the healthcare industry. It is of the utmost importance to ensure that all parties have the best possible conditions in connection with meetings, symposia, congresses and the like arranged by or for healthcare professionals.

  • ConEx negotiates and concludes agreements with healthcare professionals and the event regarding the practicalities of the exhibitors.
  • ConEx helps with and participates in event planning.
  • ConEx registers companies and is the financial connection.
  • ConEx ensures that the exhibition area is prepared and marked according to the sketch of the exhibition. This will be provided the night before the event, to allow all parties enough time to be ready.
  • ConEx ensures that exhibition times are described in the professional program and invites organizers to emphasize that participants understand the importance of visiting the exhibition companies. This is to ensure that collaboration between companies as developers and healthcare professionals can continue.
  • ConEx maintains a directory of approx. 400 companies with an interest in exhibition activities in the health field. Once a collaboration agreement has been entered into with a group of healthcare professionals, invitations will be sent to all companies in the catalog.

Our sales team starts the process for your exhibit management with thorough investigation of potential sponsors. We analyze potential sponsorship revenue and awards, making your sponsors and exhibiting companies an equal partner.

Making sure your exhibition runs according to plan and finding space in your daily life to explore all the best sponsorship and exhibition opportunities is time consuming and complex - unless you let us help you!

Just contact us for an informal talk on how we can best help you.

The list of things we help with is long:

  • Development of exhibitor and sponsor database
  • Produces packages to attract the best sponsors
  • Enter into agreements with sponsors
  • Is an economic link
  • Handels the contact with your sponsors and exhibitors
  • Helps your sponsors achieve their return on investment
  • Production of your stand plan and exhibition guides
  • Promote your exhibition on all relevant forums
  • Offers full exhibition management on site
  • Conduct risk assessments and health and safety management
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ConEx cooperation approach


The early start

First, ConEx identifies possible sponsors and exhibitors for the meeting, always in collaboration with the organizers. Then we agree on what to offer the companies. The invitation is sent out by mail and telephone contact. Throughout the entire process there will be contact with the organizers about the development of the sale.


ConEx receives registrations and orders from the companies and draws up contracts and takes care of any contracts from the companies. We invoice and follow the payments right to the door. A final stand drawing as well as material for the exhibition is being prepared. We are the corporate contact and help with all questions.


On it

We complete all agreements with the organizer, companies and the venue, in connection with the position of the exhibition. Meal breaks are arranged in the exhibition area as well as a fixed stand distribution between the companies. In case of extra requests, we receive orders and budget for this as well as for the entire exhibition. An exhibition manual containing information on set-up and tear-down times, opening hours and technical service questions will be prepared. We will always be there on the day before and during the event itself.

Our focus

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The healthcare professionals and the healthcare companies enter into cooperation that benefits the healthcare system.

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The equal cooperation between the health service partners.

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Value aim

A healthcare professional and a healthcare company enter into a valuable collaboration that benefits the patient.

Our team

Jan 2 scaled

Jan Nordkvist

Exhibition manager and owner

Franciska 2 scaled

Franciska Pedersen

Administrativ medarbejder

Rikke 3 scaled

Rikke Kildetoft


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