6th International Conference
​for Perianaesthesia Nurses –  ICPAN 2023

September 20 – 22nd, 2023 at De Meervaart Amsterdam.
The Dutch Professional Association of Recovery Nurses (BRV)
in conjunction with the International Collaboration of PeriAnaesthesia Nurses (ICPAN)
​warmly welcomes you to Amsterdam!

​Dear all,
Welcome, to the webpage of 6th International Conference of Peri Anaesthesia nurses.
My name is Hanneke van Kooten, I am a recovery nurse at Martini Hospital in Groningen and the chair of ICPAN 2023, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
The Cancun Conference was four years ago, a long four years with so much happening. But finally we can meet again! So on behalf of the whole local organising committee we invite you to participate in person to the ICPAN 2023 Amsterdam conference.

More than two years ago, the Dutch Association of Recovery Nurses (BRV) dared to make a bid for the ICPAN Conference. And I say dared because such an undertaking was way out of our comfort zone! And while it has  been challenging to organise an international conference for, by and with nurses, it has also been a  fantastic learning experience, a real pleasure and our great honour!

The conference is organised around four pillars:

  • The sustainable green recovery; climate change is a worldwide issue that we in our profession as well have to think of; using so many disposables that could be recycled.
  •  Innovation in Perioperative Nursing; computers that take over but can be hacked or fail as well. Making our clinic perspective look once again the best tool in our profession.
  • Managing workplace stress; we all know a colleague with a burn-out, how can we keep up with the extra workload, production instead of patient care.
  • Perioperative Nursing Education; the willingness to look for new solutions, to learn but also to teach the less fortunate.

Topics that matter in this hectic world we all work and live in.
So participate in ICPAN 2023 Amsterdam The Netherlands. Admit your abstract and register!
The world starts outside your comfort zone.
Further one we like to thank the former conference organisers at the ICPAN board for sharing their experience of the former conferences.

On  behalf of the local organising committee.
Hanneke van Kooten
Chair ICPAN 2023 Amsterdam

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